C.V. Saint Process




Dyes and Printing

We screen print with our own natural dyes. The dyes are extracted from various natural sources including  pine soot, indigo, wood, cochineal, lac, logwood, buckthorn, turmeric, hollyhock, squid ink, and iron oxides of every shade. They’re mixed with a binding agent and then thickened with a medley of natural agents, such as latex milk or seaweed. We then screen print one color at a time until the layered image is complete.



natural fibers - We’re dedicated to finding affordable natural fibers with distinctive patterns and weaves. They age well and regulate temperature and moisture better than synthetics. All around they’re easier to work with and more comfortable to wear.

flora fibers- We created these original textiles using alternative materials such as seaweed, bamboo, milk and rose fibers. In a process developed by Clementine, the fibers are dyed using natural pigments then secured to a silk "hide". The materials are then bound and made water resistant with a special persimmon juice mixture. We created a range of Flora Fiber Jackets. For further questions or to request your own custom Flora Fiber Jacket please contact us at hello@cvsaint.nyc.

persimmon coating - In our research of textile processes from around the world we’ve come across a wonderful method of naturally weatherproofing fabric. We spray an even coating of a specially prepared persimmon juice, protecting the fabric from the elements and tinting it rose.



We consider quite a few factors when we design our garments. There's the overall silhouette, the shape and feel we're trying to communicate. There's the question of the fabrics. What weight and weave will complement the visual idea we're communicating? How will the fabric feel on the body? When there's a quality or characteristic that we cannot find, we figure out how to do it on our own. We consider how the garment will come together. Where will the seams go? How will we work with the grain to create drape we desire. Finally we think about the feel of the garment on the body. Where does the weight fall and how does it move with the wearer? For us design is the thoughtful consideration of every aspect of producing and wearing a garment.